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Playing slot machines at online casinos is simple. All you need to do is to virtually feed the machine with your money and pull the lever by clicking on the right link.

There are a huge number of slot machines, so picking which one is best for you may be difficult. With the different slot machines variations such as three-reel, five-reel, bonus slot, video slot and progressive slots you may feel a bit confused. However, the choice is quite simple. Make up your mind about how much money you want to spend and let this amount of money reflect your choice of slot machine.

Choosing your Slot Machine

Let’s say you have decided to spend $250, you can choose a $1dollar machine. This will give you enough spins to keep you entertained for a good while, but if you have less money to spend, like $50 you probably should choose to play quarter machines since this will give more spins and more action.

When inserting money in your slot machine you should be aware of the fact that when we’re talking about a progressive jackpot you shouldn’t play the minimum amount of coins, since this will not qualify you to win the largest payout. If you want to win the large payout you must play the maximum amount of coins. Naturally, this means that you run out of money much faster than if you don’t go for the large payout.

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